Welcome to the pages of mouth-painting Pavel Hejhal


I was born in September 1983 in the town of Písek in the Czech Republic. I have spent all my life in the town of Milevsko in Southern Bohemia. After elementary school I began to attend a technical school in Volyně, my major was furniture-making. I did pretty well at school until 15 December 2002 when I had a car accident in which my spinal cord was injured. Since then I have been a quadriplegic, or in other words, my lower and upper limbs were paralyzed.

In August 2003 I got the idea of mouth painting. Having practiced the technique for half a year, I created my first thematic collection called “Flowers.” You can see the results on this web page. I hope you will like my pictures and I thank you for your interest.

With a smile on my lips and a pen in my mouth I send you my best regards. Pavel Hejhal.